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What is CAP?

Christians Against Poverty is an award-winning national charity, working across the UK to lift people out of poverty and debt. CAP offers free debt counselling through a network of 290 centres based in local churches. The CAP Centre for Greenwich borough is based in Ichthus New Life Church, Greenwich. Cap money (budgeting courses) are held at South Street Baptist Church. Erith & Thamesmead CAP Debt Centre opened in 2016 and is organised by a group of churches. 

So how does it work?

There is a way out of debt; there is hope. Each year CAP helps 16,000 people find their way out of the black hole of debt. CAP works out fair budgets, negotiates with creditors and can take people through insolvency procedures, so there is always an answer. CAP Money Courses teach 10,000 people a year to budget, save and prevent debt. CAP Job Clubs help jobseekers gain the tools, skills and confidence to step back into employment. Services are offered in partnership with local churches because CAP believes the Church holds the only message that can truly transform lives.

Who does CAP help?

CAP's service is completely free and will help anyone regardless of background or religious beliefs. CAP aims to ensure that nobody receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, nationality, religion, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability.

How do I get help with my debts?

If you need help with your debts, just call 08003280006, and if there is a CAP centre in your area you’ll be given an appointment, otherwise CAP will point you in the right direction to get further help with your debts. If you live in Greenwich, you will be given an appointment with the Greenwich CAP based in Ichthus New Life Church or with Erith & Thamemead CAP Debt Centre if you live in Plumstead or Thamesmead.

How can churches get involved?

Firstly by directing people who need debt help to CAP: they just need to call 08003280006 and see if their postcode is covered by a CAP centre. Churches can get hold of free promotion material to use on a Sunday, leaflets and posters, and can invite a CAP speaker for a Sunday morning meeting. 

Churches can support financially: CAP are a group of people who are passionate about lifting people out of poverty, standing up for those who can't speak for themselves and bringing justice and good news to the poor. CAP is totally reliant on churches and individuals who share their heart to support the work which receives no government funding. The vision is to have a CAP Debt Centre in every town and city in the UK in order to reach reach everyone suffering in debt as quickly as possivle. CAP needs you. Will you join up today?

And most importantly, please pray for the work of CAP!


If you would like more information about the work of CAP in Greenwich, please contact Marva Millwood on 07581 655917 or email -

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Free courses to teach budgeting skills

‘CAP are unsurpassed when it comes to the debt help they give people across the country. There’s nothing better to start you on the path to having more money in your pocket.’ - Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert

‘CAP is fantastic, I came across its work a few years ago and what they have done is staggering.’ - Prince Charles, HRH the Prince of Wales

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For information about CAP in Erith & Thamesmead please contact Rev Victor Lambert. Email -

0800 328 0006

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